Fair Fighting

Her heart was cold,
The story, old.
Poor young thing, just eighteen,
didn't know a thing about fair fighting.
Got herself broken and bruised,
isolated and confused.
Never thought the man who loved her could cause so much abuse.
Was always her fault, always to blame.
She was filled with so much shame.
One day she finally ran away,
Because she'd lose herself if she stayed.
She lost herself anyway,
despite being so brave.
She felt broken and insecure,
doing things that were once beneath her.
Toying with danger,
sleeping with strangers.
Further damaging the soul inside her,
the black hole growing larger.
She tried, and failed, to end it.
She hated every fiber of her being,
didn't like who she was seeing.
She tried everything except believing.
She found hope and slowly began to live and love again,
but she was forever changed by that man.

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