Fair Love

As the gas from underneath the door seeps,
thick, black smoke fills the room, and the embers leap.
From the walls of his home, his screams seem to leak,
and his memory remains on my tear stained cheek.

It's hard to believe how much time has passed,
since the day I first saw you, and hoped it would last.
Before, I was not fully aware,
that everything changes, though it isn't always fair.

In this hot room, I find myself weeping in the dark,
he is gone so tragically, and it is breaking my heart.
I close my eyes, as if to fall asleep,
I know together again, we two will soon be.

To one day wake up in his arms, and know I never have to leave,
to feel the warmth of his breath on my neck; an act I can't conceive.
To taste his everlasting comfort with every piece of being I have,
I have found him again, and I am no longer dead.

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