Fairy Tale Ending?

You think the sun comes up just to hear you crow.
Up in your castle, I'm down below
Calling "Rapunzel, let down your nose!"
You say "This isn't how the story goes!"

Wish you may, wish you might
But I'm the one he's holding tight
You're the princess, but he's my knight
A fairy tale? No, not quite.

Girls like you may have a chance
With Prince Charming or Peter Pan
Bet he needs more than just a tan,
A pretty face worth 100 grand

He likes a girl with a brain
A wild heart he'll have to tame
You're just a Barbie, what a shame
No character, you lost the game.

You're perfect figure, hair, and nails
Pinky up, sipping cocktails
Dreaming of my knight in your way to Versailles
But dreams only come true in fairy tales.

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