Fairy tale forest

Sadly no take backs lol only in free time can we as adults act like children with idle minds at play! like that time I could do it like 10 minutes and so blessed was i but only to be brought back to the here and now and yet" i wasn't done playing dress up and wandering the forest where all my dreams seem to stay . so i tell myself that i look forward to when i could come and stay again to find all the things i once wanted to be and all things i wanted to do but instead they do nothing more then sit all snuggled and folded neatly to stay until i come back one day for the last i was there i felt like Cinderella and danced and had a ball even sipping on tea in my big fluffy ball gown as i got up to talk with flying fairs and watching all my childhood and Walt Disney tales come to life " it was too late and i heard my buzzing alarm so loud as everything disappeared almost as fast as i had entered my enchanting Forest where all my dreams stay" i was only to excited to visit after only closing my eyes after a long hard works day . No longer a child but my mind holds all almost like Alice and wander land because when i was little " i only wanted to grow big and so tall but now that i have drank the potential potions that life moved the time a little to fast and froze it over with nothing but all responsibilities with no cure in sight other than when i seem to close my eyes.

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Its about youthful dreams and being young and yet growing up to fast or wishing that you could and when you do and reliziing its to late to go back to feeling everything is possible