Fairytale Dreams

The soft flow of what seems to be-
music glides smoothly in my eardrums
and grasps my attention,
as I realize this world that I am in.
Facing at this particular moment
what seems to be unreal, this world is
somewhat different in many fabulous ways.
the happiness that is shown in it.
This world is reviving as my eyeballs light
up at the unbelievable fantasy that
I fail to realize is just
A figment of my imagination.
I began to think:is this just a dream?
It couldn't be; it feels too real,
too beautifully real. I felt triumphant,
like I've reached victory,
or made some kind of difference-
in success, in life.
As the beauty begins to fade,
my eyes begin to open, and I lose contact
of what I once discovered as change;
and then I'm back to the cruel world that I was in
before the unexplainable dream faded away
or came to be. And I noticed it
was all just a fantasy-
of what I wanted, but only could see
in the creative mind of a fairytale dream.

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