People tell me that I don't pray.
What they don't know is I pray everyday.
People say I don't have faith.
I am just going to smile and say okay.
Because I do pray and I do have faith
You shouldn't judge me or anyone that way.
I shouldn't have to prove my faith to any being today.
Only the One Almighty needs to know my faith.
He is the one that needs to judge me by who I am.
Because I do pray and I do have faith.
I know he follows me through and through.
He will see the truth if I have been faithful.
Just because you don't see the faith in me.
It doesn't mean it not there for Him to see my loyalty.
What you say doesn't matter in the end.
Only He sees me truly when that day is to be.
So do not be the one to judge me.

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