This is a word we use to make our lives
Whole. A word we can't force one
Definition on. It perfectly slips in and out of people's lives
When they feel as though they need it, rescuing them
During the hard times only for them to forget
That it lead them to the good ones. It presents itself
As a golden chain the faithfully unfaithful wear around their
Necks with a small cross dangling from the
Bottom, only to be hidden by the collar of their grey
Polo shirts, giving others the illusion
That they are in touch
With not only themselves
But with God himself.

I'm not sure which God-like figure I
Identify with most, or if
I'm just someone who relies on the universe
To play things out. What I do know is I have an
Incredible belief that humanity will do good.
To describe it I'd use the five letter word
Faith, but for many, they have another
Five letter word in mind:

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