Believing in and hoping for the unseen,
You gain this sense of trust or confidence.
But what does having all this belief mean?
Why would you rely on what you cannot visualize?
We as humans have our way of thinking.
Maybe one day we'll dream and reach for the sky.
Doubt is a lurking serpent whose venom will destroy.
It wants your heart, your hope, and your joy.
But "No!" We are born with an instinct that will never fade.
We are born with faith.
And with this faith comes believing.
Together we will march over the serpent until we defeat the doubt.
Faith is not just seeing but is a part of you
That wants to feel their way out of the darkness.
When the battle is win and our worry is put to rest.
And the serpent has come to an end.
The sun will shine at its best.
Alas we know some who would trust in
our deceitful world and lying tongues.
But those who believed will be lift up
their banner in the name of faith.
We are saved!
This is what I call faith.

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