Faith, Erasing and repeaters of history

Where has my heart an soul gone?
Where is that house for the homeless empty bodied.
A building embedded
welded to the ground.
The people sit set casting frowns.
While the one of blood hangs crowned.
Looking down alone upon the children's meekness.
How did tredition make such weakness.
Past of the fixed, Leaving no challenge for the renew.
Misguided and young hiding,trashing history done.
Instead of using a path of faith and peace.
Walking on pillars of the library of the old.
We pick and pick to pieces our lessons learned.
Then people of faith from eastern sunrise.
To the faithful of to western falling full moon.
Watch, watching,watched as the houses
Of the faith bruned.
Now. Forgotten the history sought.
Today is time for grace in friendships smiling face.
Instead the demons of old , race.
If repeated those old fires inflame we must.
We cannot point to the dead for the shame.
Only the living ones soon historically we'll blame.
So set wood on stone, ink to a book.
For what really matters is the lives hatred took.

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