Faith will Prepare

Of all the thangs to do,Everyone should choose to do the right,
when the soul's light starts to dim Jah's truth will recharge the light.
Jah is who We depend on for He don't make promises He can not keep,
When We continue to love and fear Him Our way is never to rough or steep.
We must honor and keep Jah statutes Yes,for all to truly go well,
although some can't see the gain We must do right and time will tell.
In this world with so many changes not everyone will be satisfied,
But You're only looking for problems any time it is truth being denied.
The depth of which truth comes from to some it's hard to comprehend,
If the thangs of the world start to lead astray Truth can also apprehend.
when life is lived respectfully it will lesson some of the pains,
to treat others as We want to be treated We keep away from all guilty stains.
In this world All will find there are many lessons to Be learned,
Must abandon selfish pride and show the old and poor We are concerned.
A great many live their live's attempting to do everythang in haste
By never being seekers of truth the soul's will surely Be a great waste.
When it comes to truth not any part of truth will be a double dare,
By obedience to Almighty Jah Believe We,to live Our Faith will Prepare! Amen

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