Faithful Lies

You have me on edge, hanging on to your every word.
I believe your smile, I trust your eyes,
but you always let me down. You tell me you love me.
Should I believe you or not? I call you no answer,
I text and no reply "My phone was dead" you say
"ok" i say with a smile, but on the inside i
say you're being faithful,
I try my best to believe you, but with
all this heartache and broken promises,
my try is not heart is brutally
beaten and barely breathing.
Its not strong enough.I wish you could
understand my feelings, I wish the
tables were turned. I begin to hate you, but
my love for you wont let me let you go.
If I leave I always come back.
Look at me and see this pain.
see these tears
I cry. Look at my unhappy smile,
the dishonor in my eyes.
Why must you treat me this way?
My heart is dying.
Why wont you be faithful to me
like these faithful lies.......

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