Faithless Corpses

Water pours down a faithless corpse
Clouds dispersed, all around with remorse
A dampened hell, with lying scents
the smell of water and lilies and mint
A hard life, with an endless debt
of living and loving, pure torment.

A frightened girl, alone on the streets
well, It beats wallowing in an endless heat.
The autumn days so glorious are,
but why does an old man drown in the faith of a bar?
An old woman lost in depression alone,
or a young client yelling on a business cellphone?
A young college student, who’s lost his way
or a lawyer with absolutely nothing say.

Complaining and whining about things we can’t do,
but why complain with a family to come home to?
And when something goes wrong and we start looking to hope
can’t we do anything other than mope?
We turn to our faith and blame God above
and we think that he’s refusing to give us our love?

Maybe this corpse isn’t faithless at all,
These bones may be ragged, but aren’t ready to fall
faith may still save her from drowning tonight
if only she’s ready to put up a fight.
Life isn’t easy, but neither is death
and why drown, when you can hold your breath?
The easy way out doesn’t fix who we are
fighting and dreaming gets us pretty far.
Hold on one more night, find a reason to live
if nothing else, show the world what you can give.
hope for the best, pray to get through,
and somewhere out here ill be praying for you too.

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