I love you she says with coldness in her eyes
Her eyes blank as if that smile covers her lies
Her hands lacking warmth her body is stiff
I smile and turn and walk away with a sniff,
To return to my dark room, where I can go hide
And discuss with my demons that are hidden inside,
The torments that lay dormant inside of my head,
Give me no good reasons I should be alive rather than dead.
I have no good grades, or hobbies at school.
My friends don’t care for me and only use me as a tool,
They all lie as well with their crooked little grins.
Their faces emotionless and their eyes all sunk in,
“Are you ok?”, they ask me, but they don’t really care,
Because no matter the answer they shrug, and they glare.
They turn their back on me once more unless I prove useful
And ask for money and homework as if our friendship is truthful,
Cause I know deep down in their hollow exterior lies a hatred towards me
That is greedy and bitter, for I’m never their first choice and that I can see.
I’m a failure, an outcast, and not pretty to look at, “my friends” are hateful
And my mother is full of despise, I’m stupid, an idiot, and I’m ungrateful.
Little do they all know I would lay down my life to save them even if it me they despise
I cry if they leave and I use all my money on them, but with all my giving I feel their hate just rise.

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