Sitting in the hall to go get my mail,
People being loud for no reason.
Do not trust anyone, be observant.
The walls are filled with mold, no activities are going on, drama, drama, drama, that is all these people are doing.
I am sick of it, trying not to let them win,
But its so hard when you keep all your feelings bottled in.
No regrets, none taken,
Just make sure when its my time, I go to Heaven.
I do not feel like dealing with this drama, not today,
ust take all these bad people and put them away.
They do not need jail, they need to rest in Hell,
Before I snap off and end up in jail.
The floors a mess, the walls are dirty and just making me go crazy.
Yawl talk about my life like you lived it for years,
When yawl can be worried about your careers.’
But nah you do not, you trip off being petty,
it is not going to hurt me when you see me drive off in a Chevy.
Yawl are eight bunch of crackhead old ladies who sit on the bench to drive me crazy.
Lately I have not been sleeping, I just been thinking, of ways to make you suffer from the pain that I am feeling.
But I do not like confrontation, just keep running.

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