We started off strangers who never spoke.
It was innocent.
One day we met through the 21st century way
we talked we talked almost everyday
thought it would be something, oh very special indeed.
I thought he had the same intentions
the same thoughts that went through my head at night.
Everything about those months was a blur swirling around like a daze.

I wish I could remember every part, it seems so ripped apart.
One minute I was so happy, the next, it was like I was dead.
You never know how hurt you are until you end up crying on your bed.
Walking around with a smile on my face
never real, always fake.
Laughing with my friends but I'd be off somewhere else
thinking why I can't stop thinking, keeping it inside,
will the pain every stop?

Now I hear about the new girl you are with and I pretend to be happy
Is it good to be this fake all the time?
Aren't we always taught to be ourselves?
But how can we be ourselves when we don't even know who we are?
I sit around and try to remember before I met you
it wasn't that long ago so why does it seem so far.
I say I'm fixed and I really hope I am
But how can you be fixed when you don't know why you are so broken?

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