Fake face

Everyday I put on my fake face
She smiles away my pain
Don’t look behind that smile
Don’t look behind the eyes that lie
Faking her feelings while I lay in the shadows
Holding on so tightly
she is like paper thin and fragile
one small earth quake of emotions
Can tear here margin’s away
One wrong word and she will have a paper cut
She is worn down-no longer strong like she use to be
Every encounter leaves my shadow seeping through her wounds
I am running out of time and she is running out of happiness the sadness
The voice that longs to be slept away
Overwhelming thoughts that just keep thinking Over
I am that heavy cloud that walks above this body
trying not to feel the rain as my thoughts thunder around me
I try not to let these lying eyes over flow into her crystal clear ones
she puts on happiness so well
I don’t want to take her off and wipe away those tears
I will have my time
We get home and I take off my fake face
There on the wall is where I’ll put her till tomorrow.

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