Fake It

When daily your heart gets broken, and you are not sure what for,
When you know you’re a good person worthy of much more.
You give and you give until you are an empty shell,
It isn’t just, it isn’t fair— to be put through hell.
Tell them you want something to make you stop caring,
Something subtle and not overbearing.
No matter the potion, no matter the advice,
NOTHING absolutely nothing will ever suffice.
Question yourself by the day, by the hour
How did i become this, who gave him all of the power?
You watch your back, sugar coat , come up with pleasant things to say
Just to avoid hurting others, to not let them see you this way.
No one is invincible to the anger and rage,
The turmoil keeps you locked in your own cage.
Why does it all have to be so hard, don’t i deserve something greater than this?
I dont know who i am anymore..the old me-i sure do miss.
I’ll set about my next day and the rest that follow.
With a fake smile, forced laugh, and a bitter pill of reality that is much too hard to swallow.

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