Fake It

Anyone who makes you cry
Is not worth the tears you try
To cover up with laughs and smiles
While you fake that your life is worth while.
But you know that way, way down deep
Your heart has a secret it's trying to keep;
That secret is one of a secret lover
From him your heart will never recover.
Yet you love him, still with all your might,
You figure that he's worth the fight.
You think you and your heart are all that know
How you really feel is like being left in the cold.
You decide to go out and try to have fun.
You try to look up and smile at the sun.
But even the sun seems to know of your pain
It hides in fear and out comes the rain.
You're losing your mind, once and for all,
You try to get up, but again you just fall
You know you can't but you want to trust him.
You'd love to drop your guards and let him in
So you give him your heart and say, "don't break it"
He says he won'the, so you smile and fake it.

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