Fake Smile

A fake smile, straightened hair, and a gorgeous dress
They all put a mask over the unseen mess
Everyone asks how she's been holding up
But no one gets close enough to see the close-up
Hiding her pain as best as she's able to
There's got to be a point where she comes unglued
Trying to remain strong and trying not to cry
She can't stop asking herself, "Why?"
She used to be such a happy little girl filled with joy
Now her life is a wreck all because of a stupid boy
She tries every day to hate him, to forget about him
But each day it's like she's drowning and forgets how to swim
When people begin to ask what's wrong
She's been broken for far too long
She's shut down and doesn't talk about it
She finally decided she's just going to quit
When she gets home from school that day
She's home alone and nothing's okay
Running around the house looking for any pills she can find
She can't seem to get the pain and hurt off her mind
Gathering together all the pills she found
She takes them all and slips away without a single sound

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