To be one in same,

Well you can’t be too sure,

It’s all fun and games,

Till you realize who’s pure,

What it’s all really about,

Whose side are they on,

Everything can change,

From sun dusk till dawn.

In the blink of an eye,

The whole world will falter,

With no time to explain,

It’s your turn for the halter,

It’ll take your life,

With no time to spare,

Leaving you left,

Just gasping for air,

Bystanders close by,

Anyone can save you,

It’s their choice to watch you suffer,

See you all the way through,

For who and what they believe you to be,

Yet they don’t even consider the roots of your tree,

They don’t care to think of the reasons as to why,

You became who you are, the pain behind your cry,

They don’t think to comfort,

For they could care less,

The connection was false,

They just continue to suppress,

Making you feel like the dirt of the Earth,

When they know nothing except their own self-worth,

High on their seat, they can do no wrong,

They’ve never known such sorrows for long,

Or perhaps they have,

Yet they don’t want to see,

That their views are skewed,

And their mind is not free,

At least not in the way that they perceive,

For their actions go against the will to believe,

That an honest, good person, can make a mistake,

It’s your unwillingness to forgive that makes you a fake

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