\"Faking a Smile\"

Walking an endless road of depression and obsession
I'm stuck inside put forth my aggression
My smile is easily deceiving inside my heart is truly bleeding,my heart body and soul is slowly leaving
The sadness is peaking,the tears in my eyes,slowly revealing what I truly feel inside
Not happiness,not pride,but instead the coming of emptiness
When born with that emptiness,you learn to hide and pretend to have found pride,you find your way through the darkness with a sliver of light that is still left inside,but the candle is burning running out of time
Slowly deteriorate till nothing's but to an end i've completed this challenge there is nothing left once again
Sold out of fake smiles and the way I turned out but im left outside broken hearted and tear drowned
They don't think about the road im set on my so called happiness is even gone so don't try to fix it now that it's over the damage is done now im tear sober affected by no one
I've already deteriorated we are not affiliated you are the happiness I am sadness intoxicated

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This Poems Story

I was given a photo of a road and told to write a short story or poem about what i saw most people looked at the photo more physically while i looked at it emotionally