The falcon soars through the skies
It darts among the trees powerful and strong as the wind
Lesser critters run from it for it's at its peak of glory
But then a chain sneaks around its neck
Like a golden python tightening it's golden noose

The falcon screeches, as the great chain cuts into it's throat
No way to get out, the falcon looks for it's captor
A young girl with a scared look on her face holds the chain
She leans in closer, wary of the mighty falcon
She holds tight but cannot help falling in love with the sight
She respects the uncontrollable and wild spirit
The wings yearning for freedom, the piercing black eyes
She releases the chain, unwilling to ensnare such a bird

The falcon soars free holding the chain, gliding through the skies
Then it dives low cutting through the air
The golden chain drops, hurling towards the Earth
It falls cleanly around the girl's neck and tightens
She cries loudly and begs the falcon to take it off

For a moment it looks at her, remorseful
But then the guilt and sorrow disappears
The wild spirit grows restless within the falcon
With a screech of freedom it takes flight
Leaving the girl forever

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