The beauty of fall is incomparable to any other season of Earth.
The sight of fall is a canvas full of rich oranges, pinks, and reds
All combined into one beautiful painting.
The leaves on the trees turn a bright shade of yellow,
And fall to the ground as the wind pushes them off their home.
The wind blows the leaves and scatters them
Until the earth is completely covered with these calming colors.
The cool breeze revitalizes in fall,
Where it is not a hot wind like summer, nor a cold wind like winter.
It blows the hair gently out of one's face.
The wind blows in gently to form clouds just at sunset.
Bugs, oh the bugs, the bugs are going away,
As the temperature slowly drops.
As the bugs go, so do the birds,
Fall is where the birds sing their final soothing songs until spring.
The plants start to wilt, the seeds wait until it's safe to bloom.
The trees become naked without any leaves,
The green grass turns a light shade of vivid brown.
The fall means harvest time,
Harvest pumpkins, veggies, and flowers of all colors and kinds.
The onions get picked, oh the smell of fresh onions.
The farmers begin to close up their gardens, and farms,
To retire for the winter until next spring.
With the colors of fall, bright and beautiful,
To the smell of the nature as it goes to sleep,
To the animals, and all living things as they leave us until spring.
To the leaves the children play in, the smell of a thanksgiving feast.
Fall is incomparable to all the other seasons of Earth.

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