By iyanah   

We. All. Fall.

We all fall in different ways,
We can fall into depression,
We can fall into a coma,
Or we could fall in love

Though honestly the three examples I gave you are all the same

Love is a dangerous game,
It's like walking blind folded,
Hand out waiting for your
Significant other to guide you

Trusting that they won't let you
Fall, plummeting to the very
Ground, while you hound out
And cry in pain when you awake
And see that this person has lied
To you

But we all fall,
and we all fail, at trusting our
Senses, and trusting, the existence of genuinely good people

And in the end,
When we are aching and breaking,
While their all faking and chasing the need, for attention,
We'll cry out and plead,
and bleed

Because hope won't do shit
In the end
Hope won't do us,
Any good

Because hope is not like
A shield that keeps out,
Those realistic villains,
Hope is more of a battlefield

Where dreams are burned,
And churned,
Left on the ground for me,
To spit on

Because when we, all fall
No one will stand to catch you

When we fall,
We break,
When we fall,
We ache,
When we fall...

We are left with nothing at all

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This Poems Story

This poem is basically the introduction poem, it's about how we all fall in our own ways, We fall into love, death, depression and so on