Fall- How To ?

Twisting, listing whirligig tumble,
A spin in the middle and a somersault stumble,
To manifest yet an other world rumble--
To shake it up and move it on.
Or lie supine, huddled to wall
Ducked and covered, afraid to fall
Choosing the small and not to stand tall
Stasis to loam or leap and fly on?

Spilling, staggering, bruising on landing
A russet leaf dashed to grass going gold
Yet skitters down sidewalk, lilting (and bold),
Death's future song and inevitable cold.
Or wilting, drooping, blighted by frost
Surrendered early, counting the cost
Of blooming too soon or tiring of it
Dead in the mind as well as the spirit.

To whirligig stumble or rot on the vine
That is the choice that everyone finds
As age adds seasons and weathers inside
How do we met Him, stepping high or unmined?

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