Fall Into The Night

the darkness of the night swallows me whole
then I feel my soul start sinking low
across my dreams
and thoughts a blooming
a fire in my heart starts brewing
as I hear myself quietly screaming
here for now but slightly leaning
embers to sparks
and sparks to flames
I feel my knees become weak and lame
there I lay in the night
waiting for my past to bite
now I give up and lose the fight
to my light that use to vary
as I lose myself into the night
no footsteps follow
the path lays hollow
the lump in my throat sinks into my chest
and slowly quietly consumes the rest
seconds to minutes
and minutes to hours
I start to cringe like a dying flower
as the night collects to an end
I find myself and start to fend
against the shadows that lurk in my heart
and open my eyes with a new day to start

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