Fallen Angel

If you asked me if i believe in God, I would have to agree.
For if their was no God, how could he have created you and me.
If you asked me if i believe in heaven or hell, I'd reply yes.
Cause if neither existed getting to heaven wouldnt be so much stress.
If you asked me if i believe in the devil, I'd say very much so.
... Tho all the evil that lurks around is more than i want to know.
If you asked me if i believe in angels, I'd say that's a fact.
Though my fallen angel isn't how you'd think an angel should act.
You see my angel is not quite how you'd picture them to be.
And he may not be graceful,but that doesn't make him unworthy.
My angel doesn't fly around with elegance and wings.
To be an angel he does not need to possess these things.
My angels love is pure and his heart is open.
His wisdom is powerful truth, felt even when unspoken.
His hands are rough, yet steady as they come.
His legs and body are strong, just as they were when he was young.
His days are long and the work is hard.
You wouldn't picture your everyday angel working on diesels and cars.
His intelligence is vast and his image self made.
Possessing strength and purity that shall never fade.
His tone is deep and his words aren't always kind.
But if you're looking for honest answers,hes sure to give you peace of mind.
True my angel had fallen and lost his wings long ago.
But hes also forgotten his own worth and its time to let him know.
Take credit for all you do, because you do so very much!
Think of where those people would be if they didn't have you for a crutch.
Love yourself! then love yourself some more.
Cause you live and work your life away too much to ignore.
Angels are guardians who protect and help those in need.
So when i look, I see a fallen angel starring back at me.
True you don't glow with a golden aura and your wings are no longer there.
But your hallow i can see,rite above the bald spot in your hair.
You're my fallen angel dad you think it's silly but i know its true.
I wonder where I'd be right now, if it wasn't for the angel in you.

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