Fallen Angel

Drop from the sky
Like a roof caving in.

Wings sheared and torn,
crawling on dry earth.

Shrieks in burning
agony as new
skin breaks through.

Red eyes lighting up
the bleak darkness.

Horns hatchet sharp,
Raven black wings.

Fangs dripping crimson
foam and spit.

The creature inside
roars in shame and sorrow,

Praising for the eternal

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This Poems Story

Well, ever since I was little, I fell in love with literature. From reading about knights, dragons superheros and teen novels, to adult fiction and learning about our universe and its origins. I wrote my first exact poem while in the sixth grade in middle school. It was called "The Water's Word". My english teacher was so proud of me, she decided to share it with the whole class. I was also proud of myself for having a vivid imagination and expressing it on paper. The person who I say inspired me to keep on reading would be my mother. She has always told me to find myself and find what I was amazing at, and I have truly found it. Reading and poetry will always be my strongsuit and guide. My dream is to become a famous writer some day and inspire others to read as well. My message to readers and writers is this: Always look ahead and keep your vision strong.