Fallen Helianthus

Break this heart for what's breaking yours,
Although yours might be ten thousand times worst
You're fragile, you're precious, and you're magical.
Your words hold truth, words can hurt too
But, you've killed that heart plenty of times.
You've moved too quickly while dancing in the wind,
You found yourself hurt, again and again.
You bled your nectar from deep within
In hopes, we won't see I won't see,
You're broken, your leaf has fallen
You're upholding, you're fighting;
But, you're still a flower dying,
Dying for sunshine in the pouring rain
Trying to live one more day,
In hopes, she'll take you back.
In hopes, she'll have a change of heart.
In hopes, God will restore your soul.

And all and all, it breaks my heart;
Knowing what breaks yours
You're fragile, your words hold truth;
But, you've killed that heart plenty of times
Desperate to be loved.

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