I'm trying to survive I'm going nowhere fast,
I keep losing my grip and I keep getting haunted by the past.
Time is running out, I keep getting older,
I've fought all my life and the World just keeps getting colder.
I feel all alone with no one to catch me when I fall,
I just can't hold on no more, Yes I can't get a good grip.
Looking for a place to rest my head, I feel so alone,
I don't want to fight no more waiting for the Lord to take me home.
Don't call me crazy or a fool, I just don't know what to do,
Everyone always says these doors are open, I just can't find my way through.
I can't hold on, I'm slippin; Yes I'm falling way too fast,
I've tried and I've cried, I just don't know how long life will last.
Life has always been hard for me although I gave it my best shot,
It just seems that I was always alone so the only thing I can do is dream.
Yes, it hurts to live and I'm tired of fighting all alone,
Dear Lord please forgive me and try to understand as you walk me home.

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