How many times must I fall, before I find a smile.
Ive been searching now for many years, been walking miles and miles.
I just want a special place, to lay my weary head,
But seems each time I find that place, only sadness there instead.
How many times must I fall, how many rivers must I cry.
How many heartaches must I suffer, with this sadness within my eyes.
Just once I would like to laugh, with peace and joy within my heart.
Just to have a lasting memory, with a love not torn apart.
For me love is just in fairytales, like a place within your dreams.
But instead I drown ln lonely tears, full of heartaches so it seems.
How many times must I fall, before I can put this all behind.
To replace my life with something new,With a place so sweet and kind.
To live my life like never before, the way life was meant to be.
To feel the joy of love so sweet, the way I prayed one day to see.
So I count and count these times I fall, in hopes not to fall again.
Hoping to live my life complete, with someone to call my friend.

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