My head is a mess,
My heart's in a knot.
I'm falling for you
And don't wanna stop.
I'm falling so fast
I can't touch the ground.
Stop! keep holding back.
I don't fool around.
Your arms are so warm
Your smile is so cold.
With my cards all in
I just want to fold.
I'm trying so hard
To not feel this way
Why are you trying
To get me to stay?
I know this is hard,
But you understand;
You never loved me
And no one else can.
Spare me your pity
'Cause I don't need it.
Finally, I'm gone.
Can you take the hit?
You were my first love,
And love you I did.
So does she want you,
As much as I did?
She keeps your bed warm
While she's out all night?
She's out with the girls?
Ha! Ok. Alright.
If that's what you need
Tell yourself tonight,
"Even if it's our
The girls need a night."

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