I find myself hollow in this place again, Life has sucked my soul dry, washed me up and left me to fend for myself I see then
My dreams, passions and goals seem a distant far away vision some how, The clock ticks away whilst I try and escape my minds prison for now
I feel an emptiness that cannot be filled and the longing to belong to a house I can call home, If I could rid myself of guilt and doubt my mind would be free to wander and roam
Freedom is an absolute and not a thing to be measured, Life is short lived and supposed to be treasured
My experience feels more like a punishment of anguish and torment, Wrapped up in lives pressures I feel utterly spent
Used, abused, mocked, and ridiculed in a world that can be cold, Tick tock tick tock my youth is dwindling slowly now, or so I’ve been told
Viewing the world now through more elder blues, Is an awakening to the harsh facts of lives reality when you loose
You are mostly transparent to me now in a way that is difficult to comprehend, Are you really true enough to be able to call yourself my most genuine friend?
You were there all along in a way that I always needed you to be, Sometimes its hard to see the woods through the trees
Summer love is a distant dizzy daydream of blissful fire and romance, The seasons seem to recycle themselves too readily now, leaving me in a hazy trance
Here I find myself in the colourful Autumn fall, head over heels we went, and straight down that rabbit hole
Seeking to find him through the woodland trees, Feel the wave of a shiver course through me in the forest breeze
There is your shadow so tall and strong, leading me deep into the woods so long
Strolling the winding path of crispy fallen leaves of red and gold, Taking me in his arms with that tight magnetic hold
Up and over the bushes and bramble, for him I had bet it all in one gamble
Let us get lost along the forest trail, somewhere secret for our love to unveil
Keeping me close in his warm embrace, our hearts both beating at such fast haste
loosing ourselves deeply in the woods there he whispers “be mine” he stokes my cheek
with such beauty divine she replies, “I will be… all in good time”
To fall in love in life is a gift well spent and message from the heavens I feel I’ve been sent.
Tis a wonder to behold, to share this world with you in am told.

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