My soul is slowly dying
Negativity is digging in
Making my heart it's home
Leave me alone
Let me wallow in misery
I can't take living this way
I need positivity
Because I feel myself falling
Noone is around to catch me
Always catching everyone else
When they stubble and fall
Yet here I am alone
Tumbling down the stairs of life
Someone reach out
Grab my hand
Save me from this negativity
Missing the ones that were always here
God took them too early
The one that says he loves me
Is so far away
His emotions in check
His eyes distant
Acting like I'm invisible
The world can't revolve around you
Buck up and be a man
Stop dragging me down into the pits with you
I need to rise above
Soar above these dark clouds
I can't do this
Things have to change soon
Cause I'm falling back to where I was
Before I met you
I need you to be a man
To take responsibility
I need you to want me
Stop expecting me to be someone else
Love me as I am
This is all I'll ever be..
I used to love myself
But I've lost who I was when I wasn't with you
I've lost myself
I need to find myself out there in the world
I need to find my worth
My purpose..
I'm lost
Searching for something
Something that makes sense..
Catch me I'm falling..
Hold me together as I fall apart..

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