Falling Figures

The image is burned into my memory. Its stains my mind like day-old coffee split on a brand new white wedding dress. I see it every time I close my eyes. I see… Them. All those blurry shadows. I see all those shadows falling at a ungodly speed. They looked like rag dolls as they fall, surrounded by a thick cloud of thick grey smoke and peaces of falling debris. The ground on witch they landed was engulfed in roaring red angry flames. I heard the screams of other bystanders. Hundreds of screams became one otherworldly howl. People were running all around me while I stood in the middle of the street staring up at the black smoke filled sky. Someone grabbed my arm and tried to get me to move but I couldn't move, I didn't move , I wouldn't move. More shadows fell from the sky into the red fire. Off in the distance there was a low rumble then a BANG! I fell to the pavement, covered my head and closed my eyes, and waited for something. What I was waiting for, to this day I still don't know. Maybe I was hoping that today didn't happen, or hoping that I didn't witness human beings jumping off the Twin Towers. That day stained my mind and it stained our nation.

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