Falling for you

unsure where to step, treading lightly.
cant get enough, talking nightly
a future with you seems so unlikely
but we fit together oh so rightly.

there's so many things that draws me to you
i so wish you could see my point of view
funny, kind, and handsome too.
but please don't misconstrue

your humor, your interests Aline so well with mine
a man who is genuine, and one of a kind
your not a man, one can easily define.
to me your top of the line.

you make me smile without even trying,
you make me feel things I'm still identifying
if i said i wasn't falling in love with you, i would be lying,
and to me it is truly terrifying.

falling was the easy part, you had all of my focus
everyone else compared, just seems so atrocious.
your easy wit and laughter has put me in hypnosis.
and now I'm in a state of captivating psychosis.

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a poem about falling for a poly man