Falling In Love

I fall for the love that's not always there,
I call it lust.
Maybe it is because that's how it was for me growing up.
Divorced parents before I even know they were married.
Living with my mom, single or not I seen all the stress that she carried.
Every other weekend with dad eventually faded away.
Until one day I asked to see him when I had forgotten his face.
By then he had become a man I wasn't able to trust.
But I fell for his love that wasnt always there,
This was the first time I would have to settle for lust.

I fall for love that's not really there.
I Call it the wishing well.
For every dime I come across I end up throwing her back in and wishing her well.
You see, when women break my heart, momma tells me not to worry for there's plenty of fish in the sea.
But when I break their hearts then momma says nothing and just lets it be.
Because for her, loving was never easy either.
Love was constantly showing up but always deciding to leave her.
It was easy for me to tell
That she had received love that was never really there.
From a place I like to call the wishing well.

I fall for love that does not really exist.
We call it love at first sight.
That feeling you get when you lock eyes with someone for the very first time.
And for once everything inside feels right.
It happens at the most random times catching you off guard.
Hello, what's your name? Are words our tongues find way to hard.
Then before you know it, shes drifts away into the night.
I fall for love that does not really exist
We call it love at first sight.

I fall for love that is always there.
I call it unconditional.
It's love unrestricted, limitless, unquestionable.
This is the hardest for my soul to fold,
Because it's grip rips away as it refuses to stay cold.
But yet the easiest for my heart to hold,
For my heart is the only place it calls home.
This type of love, its a bitter sweet deal.
Bitter, for it's uncontrollable,
 For you want nothing more than to be able to pick and choose who it gets to feel.
Sweet, for its undeniable.
For its the one thing you confide in, never doubting the unbreakable seal.
This is forever, one that becomes traditional.
I fall for love that's always there,
I call it unconditional.

Falling in Love
By Jonny Schutts
~innocence inNOsense ~

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This Poems Story

I wrote this poem thinking about all the different types of love I've experienced throughout my life. All while trying to give each of them a different angle for people to look at them at.