Falling in Love

If you look into my eyes you will believe
now you own a place in them to live
yours is the only face they see these days
and still wish you to be in front of me always!

I feel fresh, I feel alive
when you just look into my eyes
my knees go weak and blood doesn't flow in my head
when you give that smile, it gives a cheering day ahead!

I can hold your hand and walk with you
every step that you will want me to
I will never let you walk alone
and be there to hold you from falling off a stone!

I don't know what you think, what you feel
why all of a sudden you make dreams so real
if you are my destiny or just a path to tread
but with you around I feel my life is blessed!

For a moment you were there like forever
and another seized your existence all together
now I am not sure what to think and what to believe
heart always confuses me and head cannot perceive!

I am not aware what has gone into me
all I could do is keep thinking about it
sometimes positive, sometimes negative
unsure of what to make out of it!

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