Falling in Love

Flickering, blinking, in and out,
screaming, crying, hear my shout,
the colors fade from grey to black,
I've made my mistake; there's no turning back.

The pain and the sorrow, rise with the hate,
the bending of love, the twisting of fate,
what, in life has just begun,
that in my mind, has long been done?

There's no light in this dark, no guard in this war,
the fury and spite just pile on more and more,
how can I leave, this pit of just black,
what in my mind is it I truly lack?

Not smart, nor laugh, nor strength, nor face,
all of my actions are all set in place,
the setting is warm, the sphere is just right,
so why am I falling, away from the light?

But just as I fall, I hear a strange sound,
an eerie illusion that's keeping me bound,
the sound of an echo, an echo of voice,
a surging emotion that gives me a choice.

I tear through the grounds, I rip through the dark,
I set my cold feet grounded whole on the mark,
and as I look up, who is it I see?
Smiling, beckoning, your eyes rescue me.

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