Falling out of innocence

Looking death in the eyes
Attempting to stare down an animal that cannot blink
Remembering the dandelion you watched blow away
Holding onto the stem far too long, tearing it to bits

Small, rhythmless taps on a piano
Pulling the glasses off of those who held you
Watching raindrops race down the car window
Faking sleep in the hopes you would be carried

Running home, street lights turning on
Colorful marks across your hands, sun in the corner
Nightlight on, shoe in the doorway, blinds drawn
Silently wishing to be older, thinking it will help

Days passing, chasing friends, raising hands
Swinging higher, higher, higher, higher, higher
And the fall comes at last, far too late to stop
The inevitable drop, that none will avoid

Why fall,
When one can simply jump

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