Falling Pedals of Angles Toes

Like pedals of a rose, falling gently from halos to angles toes,
falling truely were only love shows, more so it's beauty in cold
winter snows.
Even how it's pedals shall fade, it's scent of beauty
shall aways stay, soknow these pedals are no stray
, they've fallen on me a place they can stay,
no matter the way the wind may blow, in my
halo we'll be tied in a bow.
So if we land and you see a glow,
know this is love of a halo that
shows, in a place were no one knows but
god and cupid and angles toes.
So in our fall, we may crawl as in the breeze
with branches andtrees, but free we'll blow from a
gust of wind,shot from a Cupid's bow
into our halo. If one day we may stray, far away
from night and day, into the dark we'll leave our
mark till dusk of time has found you mine, with
moonlight and wine we shall dine, under starlight
and night I shall holdyou so tight, with cupids and
angles and all of gods might.

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