Falling Rain

The rain falls, in reminder of the darkness I’ve embraced.
Lightning strikes, refreshing my memory of who I failed.
Thunder proceeds to growl, deafening my cry of regret.
This was the last time, the final fall.
Weak was my will, unable to resist indulgences of this earth.
Once a best friend, I have dishonored that title now.
So many works for Him I have done, yet, my treachery eclipses all remembrance of past victories,
and instead, illuminates the possible future transgressions I may commit.
Guilty I stand before the judge.
Though, in this court there is no jury.
A sentencing unexpected placed upon my will.
I shall not be sent to the consuming shadows,
but rather, walk amongst them unseen, taking those ready for death’s embrace.
The pain comes not from the entitled position, but from it’s symptoms.
I feel only sadness and guilt, the weight of which siphons the last drop of humanity,
thereby taking my body, disgracing who I once was.
A shadow of my former self, I’m emptiness clothed in a black robe.
The rain falls, drizzles on my skull, as the pitter pattering echo remains inside my head,
a constant reminder, I’m empty within.
The rain falls, one drop after another, endless somber echoes silently scream inside my head,
a constant reminder, I’m neither living, nor dead.

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