Falling Star

Lips parted, shoulders shrugged
Her eyes wander the room.
Her pupils, like black holes,
Absorb everything that enters the empty galaxy of her mind.

Her friends see her as a star,
Forever glowing with happiness.
No one knows she's hurting,
Because a broken mind is impossible to see.

What's visible to the blind human eye,
Is just not the poison of reality.
The girl, wanting acceptance,
Fakes that forced smile.

Can no one see the tear glistening in her eye?
Ignorance is a part in everyone's soul, but can we see past it?
Her lip quivers as the words cut deep.
Her breaths are as unstable as a bleeding heart.

Maybe because that's just what she is, a bleeding heart.
Just a kid hiding behind the shadow of fake joy.
Her friends' jokes just aren't jokes anymore.
This society forgets to see the boundary line of emotion.

Her friends are too afraid of oblivion.
Remaining behind the shield of artificial expressions,
Not even her confidants see her breaking point.
Falling stars burn out.

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