falling to pieces

sitting here in turmoil
wishing it all would just go away
not knowing where to turn or whether i should just run away
for a minute it all seems to be okay
then in the blink of an eye
i start to fall apart
is there nothing i can do
is there nothing i can say
everything keeps going wrong and all i want to do is cry
i find myself more and more in distress
i can't help but wonder
is this how my life was meant to be
I'm all alone
no friends and no one to love
it's funny
how the world seems to turn
just once i wish
things would fall into place
and yet it all falls further and further away
sitting here
drowning in my sorrows
wondering if I'm making a mistake
can't get these thoughts out of my head
and yet can't get my head out of these thoughts
what do you do
when you feel like you're losing yourself
and then before you can catch your breath
you're gone!

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