False Alarm

The look in your eyes,
makes my breath quick.
I have to be careful,
so I don't slip.

But when you speak,
I slip away.
Hoping I hear,
your voice everyday.

I hope you can stick around,
to see me fall down,
when I hear that sound,
that false alarm.

I should know that,
this isn't real.
You bring me back to reality,
with every moment of,
my ignorance you steal.

I should know when,
you offer your arm,
it's only a false alarm.

When you laugh,
my world stops,
my hands and heart,
just drop.

And when you smile,
my world fades,
every time it's worth,
the price I've paid.

When we're together,
it all just feels so right.
When you're with me,
the world just seems so bright.

But letting you get to me is a mistake,
I should know this is fake.
When I realize this,
I know I'll break.

I should know you mean no harm,
this is all just a false alarm.
I close my eyes for a moment
and let myself believe,
that in the end,
it'll be you and me.

But I should know that all of your charm,
is nothing but a false hope;
a false alarm.

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