False Hope

My 3rd grade teacher saw something in me
He looked past how I always apologized
How I always thought it was my fault
How I would stand on my toes all day
How my eyes never seemed to know trust and yet screamed for a friend
He saw all of of this and smiled
He taught me to laugh recklessly
To dance without fear
He taught false hope that not all tall people have bad intentions
If he saw the best of things, I wonder now, how he saw me
I know better now,
I know now that we live in a world that knows no in between,
Where I only have extremes to call a friend

Soon I grew to be as tall as them
Others tugged and tore at the soul that once danced
They tore till it to fit their frame
I've learned to keep my head down
To go through the motions
To stick to what they want and you won't get hurt
But it's okay because there's no threat anymore
It's okay because if I look down I'll never be seen
It's okay because I learned that if I never jump, I'll never fall
After all, I'll always be that the little girl
who had to be taught to smile
Nothing more

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