False Idol

I try to feel alive, I try to stay concrete;
but these thoughts have dragged me down through the years.
I sing, I scream that you're everything that I need;
but if I'll be honest with myself I don't mean a thing.
Intimacy has become my god;I worship it day and night,
I thought I will feel alive or at least feel a glimpse of peace.
But I still chase it I still chase it,with every breath I take,
maybe if I chased you with the same urgency I wouldn't be so alone.
I'm stuck I'm stuck in this pit I've blindly dived into,
where is the treasure where is the gold?
I was told that I will find all I need
all I've found is a false god and old demons I've pushed away.
I have followed a false god filled with empty promises never kept,
I've bled myself dry I've burned myself out,
can anything restore me from this?
I didn't want my life to come to this;
I didn't want to live just for this
I didn't want to have this void again;
I didn't want to lose my way
God give me purpose again, give me life,
make me fall in love with you again and not this false god
Be my comfort, be my company,
fill this void of loneliness inside of me,
Take away this false idol I worship in my heart.

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