False Promises

You told me forever
That you would always have my back
That you were there
For thick and thin
It was no skin off your back

Well here comes trouble
And you’re no where to be seen
So goodbye
I’ll sing a lullabye
As I slowly bleed

Your words mean nothing
but sticks and stones may break my bones
But the words have torn my soul
I lay here
Trying not to fall asleep

False promises
Are all you given me
Stab in the back
You didn’t care
You dove straight at me

False promises
False promises
and all the blames to me
Well I didn’t fight
Didn’t know you were an enemy

Words I heard I thought were true
Thought for once I’d confine in you
Never dreamt the pain I’d feel
When best friend turned from something special
To nothing more but a hollow title

So as I lay on the ground
Forced to think about the past
I’ll close my eyes
And hold my breath
And pray the next ones not as bad

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