False Reflection

Have you ever been fooled
By the moon in still waters?
Mistaken for real,
How do you tell real from an imposter?
If I stir the image of the moon,
Will the ripples ensue chaos?
And cause nagging fish
To surface from the bottom?
Tepid waters preferred
Among the timid hearted.
So watch for insecurities
In the steam of hot water.
I say, how do you catch an imposter off guard?
Planned warfare,
I stir emotions like a guerilla at large.
Set fire to the grass
And watch the snakes slither abroad.
I demand my respect like my title is Sarge.
You don't even love you,
I don't need you to like me.
They're quick to say friend
But my foes make better company.
How do you tell a friend from an enemy?
Stir the false reflection
To find loyalty or insecurity.

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This Poems Story

This poem uses metaphors to illustrate the false persona "friends" portray and how to determine who is a true friend and those who are not.