There are no words to describe how much I miss you.
If there are I haven't found any.
Certain songs,countless dreams,all make me think of you.
Oh how I've cried,breakdowns,I've had plenty.
There's just nothing that could ever replace;
The sound of your laughter,joy in your eyes;
Just seeing you with a smile on your face.
Yes I cry,I've cried today,don't think I'm weak.
You've made me strong.
Yet living life without you in it;
Well it kills me inside, it just feels wrong.
There's moments I should be overjoyed;
But you're not here to share it.
Like the birth of my baby boy.
It hurts,but like all pain I shall bare it.
In the end I'll be here.
No matter who turns their back.
I will always be here;
We're family,remember that.

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